Lumix GF2 HD Camera Gets Looked at Close Up

Chris Burns - Nov 4, 2010
Lumix GF2 HD Camera Gets Looked at Close Up

Mister Vlad Savov of Engadget got the chance to wrap his fingers around Panasonic’s newest and smallest Micro Four Thirds and take a bunch of photos and video with it. It’s full HD. It’s very much excellence it does seem. This camera is reportedly 19% smaller than the Lumix GF1, and that’s saying something. It’s also 7% lighter, functions with a lovely touchscreen user interface, and takes video in 720/60p or 1080/60i recording in AVCHD format. Behold this cool maybe-bulky, maybe-tiny enough for a pocket large-sensor shooter.

Savoy judges the UI to be a bit difficult to master, but that the user manual that comes with relieves the load considerably. Moving away from a physical dial and to a touchscreen may not have been the best idea, but only to some. The camera itself is lovely to look at and all components seem to be very light, but pro. A more than substantially nice flash for non-pro users, bulk reduced from the previous model, and the inclusion of HD video 60fps (which is super hot, if you did not know), make this a camera that should definitely be out today rather than January. I want one too, Savov! Lemme just borrow that one!

A note from Savov:

Please note: Panasonic has not yet finalized the GF2’s firmware, meaning that the sample images … below may not necessarily be indicative of the quality you’ll get from the final product.

To see examples of video playback and sample images, head over to Engadget.

[Via Engadget]

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