Luminus PhlatLight LEDs Set To Replace Projector Bulbs

It's been a year and a half since we first saw a TV using Luminus Devices' PhlatLight LED back-lighting system, and it's taken that long for the technology to reach brightness levels sufficient for a big-screen picture.  Now, courtesy of some collaboration with Texas Instruments, PhlatLight technology is set for inclusion in a number of high-definition projectors to be released before the end of the year.

Image via Digitimes

PhlatLight works by replacing the traditional bulb and color-wheel array with a set of high-powered primary LEDs.  Up until now, the brightness hasn't been sufficient for anything beyond portable, pocket projectors.  This new breed, however, will offer instant start-up (no gradually warming bulbs), brightness and color levels that are constant over the projectors lifespan and, best of all perhaps, no need to replace the bulb.

"PhlatLight LEDs give DLP projectors a digital RGB light source delivering unprecedented image quality with a wider color gamut, accurate, saturated colors with higher contrast and deeper blacks" Christian Hoepfner, vice president of products, Luminus Devices 

In fact, they're claiming fifty percent wider color gamut than NTSC, together with ultra-rapid changes in hue.  After the domestic projectors launch this year, Luminus and TI are planning on developing business and education-friendly projector technology for release in 2009.

[via Electronic House]