Lumen TL800 Bluetooth 4.0 Light Bulb Hits Amazon On Way To CES 2014

In the battle of the smart bulbs, it would appear that the Lumen TL800 is about to be a big contender starting here in 2014. There's been little damage done to the likes of Philips Hue's efforts in the smart light bulb business since inception, but all that may be about to change now that the Lumen TL800 arrives at Amazon online before being given a full showing at CES 2014. This light bulb is both multi-colored and smart enough to know when you've walked in the room.

Of course you'll need a device working with Bluetooth 4.0, that being the sort of Bluetooth that works with Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) and Bluetooth Smart. With this sort of technology, Lumen is able to make their lightbulbs turn on when you've arrived in-range. For Bluetooth 4.0, that means as far as 50 meters away.

There's a single Android app and an iOS app for use with the Lumen TL800 range, this app making simple work of the full functionality of the bulbs. Tapping hot or cold brings you a range of colors as such, and (supposing you've got your lightswitch set to power) you'll be able to tap on or off whenever you please.

The TL800 provides various modes for different occasions. Features include:

- Call Alert Mode: Notifies users of incoming calls by flashing when the phone rings.

- Music Sync Mode: Visualize your music by synchronizing your music and lighting effects. Music Sync Mode is customizable, allowing users to choose desired color combinations.

- Party Mode 1 and 2: Transform any space into a dance floor with pre-programmed flashing beats that match the music.

- Wake Mode: Mimics the sunrise in the morning, gradually brightening until it reaches maximum intensity at the stipulated wake up time. Users can customize how long the brightening process should take, from 5 minutes to 15 minutes.

- Romance Mode: Creates the perfect condition for a romantic date or quiet evening at home with a warm atmosphere.

- Relaxation Mode: Simulates calming moonlight, creating a relaxing ambiance.

For those of you worrying about power consumption – when off, this bulb consumes negligable power due to its use of Bluetooth LE. Put simply – you're not going to run up your power bill to monstrous levels just because you've got your switch set to on when this bulb is screwed in. Right this minute you'll be able to pick a single bulb up for a cool $69.99 USD. Have at it!