LulzSec's Sabu set for witness protection and 122 year count dismissal

There's been a seemingly rather large rift in the hacker world this week with former head of the Anonymous-associated team LulsSec is now being accused of "snitching" to the FBI on his comrades. A handful of LulzSec-associated individuals have been arrested in the past week, and the most recent bit of news has been in regards to the safety of Sabu, the supposed informant. A document outlining the extent of Sabu's cooperating with the Federal government was signed on the 15th of August and made public just recently, and today we're finding that it does include several lines promising witness protection to the former hacker should he need it once his deeds were done.

In addition to this witness protection clause in the agreement to keep "family and certain loved ones" safe and "relocated under a new identity" if need be, today's findings include additional charges filed against Sabu by the government in the first place. The first place being the full list of charges leveled against Sabu in mid 2011 when he originally agreed to work with the government to lessen his damages. Additional charges include selling marijuana on two separate occasions, running up $15,000 on a former employer's credit card, purchasing stolen jewelry as well as electronics, and dealings with illegally purchased prescription drugs.

The counts leveled against Sabu at this very moment are still set for a minimum of 2 years jail time, with the full sentence originally adding up to 122 years. This sentence has obviously been lessened substantially by the deals Sabu has made with the FBI, but we expect some jail time will be served in the end. LulzSec-related hacker group Anonymous have been relatively quiet on the matter outside a couple of recent attacks which may or may not have been directly related to this chain of events.