LulzSec hacks again, posts fake Rupert Murdoch obit to Sun website

I guess LulzSec couldn't stand the thought to AntiSec getting all the attention and decided to come out of retirement. The LulzSec hacking group has made another hack this time against the website of The Sun where they planted a fake obituary for news mogul Rupert Murdoch. The hack redirected readers to a story saying that Murdoch had been found dead in his garden.

The hacker group took credit for the attack on its twitter account where readers were redirected after seeing the fake news story about Murdoch's death. News International, Sun's parent company, took the page down. The only comment offered by News International was that it was "aware" of what was happening.

The fake obituary said that Murdoch had been found dead resulting from ingesting a large quantity of palladium. To get the fake page off the website, News International had to completely take the Sun website down as well as its own website. The attack comes only a month after Lulzsec said it was quitting after its 50-day hack cruise.

[via BBC]