LulzSec call it quits after 50 days of hacking and release AT&T docs on the way out

The hacker group known as LulzSec set out on what they call a 50-day cruise. It was more like a 50-day hack fest where the group accessed all sorts of data and took sites offline. The data that the hackers accessed was released to the public for the most part. After the 50 days of hacking the group is now calling it quits. That is probably a good thing, I suspect with all the hacking going on and with some of the sites attacked being US government sites there will be some government-sponsored investigations going on.

As LulzSec heads out the door they saw fit to toss some internal AT&T documents out into the public eye. The documents supposedly outline AT&Ts plans for LTE rollout and plans for the iPhone 5 and iPad 3. Naturally all of this data is suspect since it came from a nefarious group of hackers. The leaked data includes a PowerPoint presentation that outlines the launch of the iPad 3 in the fall or next March. The March date makes a lot more sense to me. The launch date for the iPad 3 is under the LTE Status heading hinting that the tablet will get LTE.

Getting LTE is no surprise, when the iPad and iPhone will get the capability is more what we wonder about. The documents also show that the LTE launch will have three phases with the iPhone 5 packing LTE landing in September. Other LTE handsets will hit in September too according to the documents. If the docs can be believed, AT&T will launch LTE with dongles only to start and handsets coming later. I guess the idea is that the dongles will test the system and if it breaks you won't have smartphone users calling for blood.

[via PhoneArena]