LulzSec hacker "Recursion" sentenced to a year in prison

It has been a long process, but one of LulzSec's hackers who went by the name "Recursion" has been sentenced, receiving one year in prison for his part in a cyberattack on Sony Entertainment. After serving his year, the hacker, who's real name is Cody Kretsinger, will have to perform 1,000 hours of community service and home detention. Kretsinger plead guilty to a single count of conspiracy and unauthorized impairment of a protected computer, according to Reuters.

LulzSec is a branch from the more popularly-known Anonymous hacker collective, and has claimed to have initiated quite a few high-profile cyberattacks against private and government websites alike. One such attack was against Sony, who's website Kretsinger claims to have accessed, gathering information and spreading it to two other LulzSec hackers.

That information was then made public on the group's Twitter account and on its website, resulting in what prosecutors say was in excess of $600,000 worth of damage to the corporation. Additional members of the hacking group are slated for sentencing, having plead guilty to various related charges earlier this month and back in the summer of 2012.

On April 9, LulzSec members Jake Davis, Mustafa al-Bassam, and Ryan Ackroyd all plead guilty in London to cyberattacks against Sony, in addition to other entities, such as the NHS and News International. Ackroyd, in particular, plead guilty to also plotting cyberattacks against many other websites, among them being 20th Century Fox. Davis and al-Bassam plead guilty to conspiracy to attack law enforcement agencies in both the UK and US. They will be sentenced on May 14.

[via Reuters]