Lost Sonic X-Treme game is playable after 20 years

Lindsey Caldwell - Feb 27, 2015, 8:10 am CST
Lost Sonic X-Treme game is playable after 20 years

Nothing goes better with 1990’s video game nostalgia than Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog. Some die-hard fans have found a Sonic game that has been lost to the world for the past twenty years. They found a way to play Sonic X-Treme, a game abandoned by Sega that was never released on any platform to the videogame market.

Sonic X-Treme has had a rough history. It was originally planned as a game for the CD based Sega Saturn console. It was never fully developed on its own. Instead, Sega tried to use the game build as a basis for the very first Sonic 3D. That early version of Sonic 3D never made it to market, so the entire Sonic X-Treme was scrapped.

This game was never completed by Sega, so some loyal fans got of hold of the original Sonic X-Treme game build and created a way for anyone to play it on a PC. One of the amazing things about the old school video gaming online community is that people are able to take their old favorites, customize them, and release them for everyone to play. Just like the fan-made ridiculously hard Super Mario level we told you about the other day.

This game is so elusive that in 2006, someone allegedly paid $2,500 USD for a burned CD-R of what was thought to be the only playable copy of the game in existence. Now, you don’t need $2,500 or to wait for game collector to release his hard copy version. Anyone using a machine running Windows should now be able to play this old school Sonic game. You can play the remastered game build here.

Check out the game in action.

Source: theverge

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