Fan-made Super Mario level so insane it takes 3 years to beat

People have been hacking Super Mario World for years. When I first played it, it was all about the secret pipes and magic whistles. I hate to admit, but that was a long time ago. There is a lot more to the game now than just tanuki suits and turning into stone. Now, there are entire online communities dedicated to hacking the game, building your own levels, and playing other people's custom built levels. Ones of these levels is so insane, that user PangeaPanga spent three years trying to beat it!

"Item Abuse 3" is the notorious player-created Super Mario World level so intense that it took three years to beat it. This was in addition to the help the player received from using special tools, also known as TAS. The player has to jump, duck, move, and use alternating items at just the right times.

Did we mention that the player, PangeaPanga, that spent three years trying to beat it is also the creator of the level? To beat the level, PangeaPanga even used a special program that lets a player sync a button push with an individual frame. I wonder if anyone else has ever even come close to beating it yet.

Item Abuse 3 is the third in a series of levels, all created by PangeaPanga, where the key is using the right items at the right time. In Item Abuse 2, the player is fetching and carrying around turtle shells, trampoline towers, and P-switches. It's insane. One wrong move in this well orchestrated Mario ballet, and you'd have to start all over again. Considering Item Abuse 3 is even harder, no wonder it took so long just to beat it a single time.

These videos are mesmerizing. It's the same Mario music we all love, but watching these bizarre levels generates a new sense of awe and wonder. Mostly, I wonder how PangeaPanga didn't end up with a pile of dented controllers broken out of frustration. For those of you wishing to test your own skills, you can find PangeaPanga's infamous Item Abuse 3 right here. Play it yourself, but try not to get sucked into it for three years!

Source: Kotaku