Logitech’s Wireless Music Streamer reviewed

Chris Davies - Dec 3, 2006

So you saw SlashGear’s review of the Sonos music streaming system and want some of that sweet wireless audio distribution for yourself.  Thing is, at nigh-on $1000 for the ZP80 starter bundle, your pockets are just too shallow for you to splash out.  So do you give up, resign yourself to listening to a tinny cassette tape of Wham in your living room, weeping pathetically into the sodden rags that used to be your trousers?  Or do you go out and buy Logitech’s Wireless DJ Music System, a comparative bargain at $250 list (or closer to $200 if you shop around)?

BlueTomorrow have taken a look at Logitech’s offering and found that, aside from a disappointing lack of Mac support, it’s a great way to enjoy music from your computer elsewhere in the house.  If you’re looking for a way to stream audio to four or fewer locations (you can buy additional receivers for around $80) then you’d be sensible to check this out before stumping up for the admittedly-delicious Sonos system. 

BlueTomorrow [via Gadgetell]

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