Logitech Signature M650 first impressions: One mouse for all people

Today Logitech announced the Signature M650 mouse, and with it, the company is casting as wide a net as possible. While many mice out there only come in one size – and most of them are made for right-handed people – the Signature M650's angle is that it offers prospective buyers options. Logitech is releasing the Signature M650 in two sizes for small and large hands, with a third model made for the special lefties in our lives.

Those distinct models are more or less the M650's claim to fame. Once you've got your size or hand preference locked down, you're left with a relatively straightforward mainstream mouse without a ton of bells and whistles. Logitech has outfitted the mouse with its SmartWheel, which we recently saw on the Studio Series Pop Mouse. The SmartWheel automatically switches between free and notched scrolling depending on how quickly you roll it, and it can be handy when attempting to get to the bottom of extremely vertical webpages.

The M650 also has SilentTouch buttons, which Logitech says reduces click noise "by 90% compared to the Logitech M185." Aside from the special scroll wheel and quiet buttons, this is a simple mouse, with left and right buttons, two side buttons, a cradle for your thumb, and rubberized grips. The mouse connects via Bluetooth LE and Logi Bolt USB, and those two side buttons can be customized through Logitech Options Plus.

According to Logitech, each of the mice runs on an AA battery that lasts as long as 24 months. Beyond that, the mouse works on a variety of platforms – Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, iPadOS, and Android – and comes in off-white, graphite, and rose color schemes.

Logitech sent me some samples of the M650, and while a full review will come shortly, my first impressions are positive. It can be difficult to know what size your hands are compared to the rest of the population, but there is a noticeable difference between the standard M650 and the larger version (officially called the M650 L). Logitech offered up the sizing chart you see below to tell which mouse you need.

To me, the larger-sized mouse feels a lot better, but the standard M650 is small enough that it could make a nice travel mouse. The scroll wheel feels great and the mouse buttons are indeed quiet. I don't have an M185 to compare it to, but they are quiet enough that I think you wouldn't disturb a video call by clicking them, which is the use case Logitech presents in its announcement today.

At the end of the day, this seems like a simple and solid mouse that gives people different sizing options, and that's a very nice thing to see. Also nice to see is the left-handed option for all of the lefties who have had to spend their lives using right-handed mice. At $39.99, the price seems good too, as the M650 does feel like a step up from the cheap wireless mice you can pick up for $10 or $20. Look for my full review of the Logitech Signature M650 to go live on SlashGear soon.