Logitech Rugged Combo 3 Touch is a durable keyboard case for students

Logitech has introduced a new keyboard case designed for the seventh, and eighth-generation Apple iPad called the Rugged Combo 3 Touch. The case was specifically designed for students and educators and is made available to schools. The slim protective keyboard case has an integrated multi-touch trackpad and is aimed at schools using the iPad as part of their education curriculum.

The high-precision trackpad promises a responsive and reliable navigation experience with no pairing required. The trackpad supports Multi-Touch trackpad gestures, including swipe, pinch, and double-tap. Rugged Combo 3 Touch has a sturdy design and construction that allows the tablet to survive drops from up to 4.5 feet and is designed to survive daily wear and tear students dish out.

The case is designed to be very snug and formfitting while protecting the front, back, and corners of the tablet. The keyboard is sealed using a high-performance membrane to protect it from students who may want to pull key tops off and other classroom problems. Logitech says the keys can't be removed due to the non-removable, sealed membrane covering the keys.

The membrane also allows crumbs and dirt to be easily wiped off the keyboard without getting under the keys into the mechanism. The keyboard also has a row of iPadOS shortcut keys for one-touch access to common controls like volume, media controls, and more.

Power for the keyboard case comes directly from the iPad with no need to charge the keyboard and no pairing required. The keyboard has only one physical connection, the data transfer point, making it secure during testing. The case also has an adjustable kickstand that allows the tablet to be propped up or folded away when not needed, and the camera remains functional. Logitech says the Rugged Combo 3 Touch will be available in June for $119.99 in select countries via the Logitech Education Channel and Apple Education Channels.