Logitech MX Keys Mini keyboards light up minimalism

Logitech revealed a new implementation of their MX Keys keyboard tech with a pair of new keyboards, both of them tiny. There's the MX Keys Mini, and the MX Keys Mini for Mac. These keyboards are made to make an as-minimal-as-possible design with Logitech's already-popular standard-sized MX Keys.

The MX Keys Mini keyboard is compatible with Windows, Chrome (Chrome OS), Linux, Android, macOS, iPadOS, iOS, the Logi Bolt USB receiver, and basically any other device that'll accept basic keyboard input via Bluetooth. The "MX Keys Mini for Mac version is "optimized for macOS, iOS, and iPadOS."

MX Keys Mini can connect to and remember up to 3 wireless devices at once with Bluetooth Low Energy. You'll be able to switch between the three with a key press in the upper left-hand corner of the keyboard. The keyboard can show which device it is connected with using an LED indicator in each of the three device keys.

These keyboards deliver a lot of the functionality available with the already-released MX Keys keyboards, and add a few new buttons. Using Logitech Options, these keyboards add a dictation key (which works in Windows and macOS), a mute/unmute key, and an emoji key.

This keyboard has proximity sensors to detect when your hands are near. When your hands get close enough, the keyboard can illuminate its back-lit keys, with intensity based on lighting conditions.

MX Keys Mini keyboards have USB-C "quick charging" and an internal rechargeable battery. With said battery, Logitech says these keyboards can "stay powered up to 10 days on a full charge." They can also last up to 5 months if you choose to turn backlighting off completely.

This keyboard can be purchased from Logitech online or at a wide variety of electronics stores around the world for approximately $100 USD. MX Keys Mini will be available in Black, Pale Gray, Graphite, and Rose colors.