Logitech manager says Android Market coming to Google TV in "very short term"

I bet that there were lots of you out there that were excited about the Google TV platform when it announced only to have that damped when the major online content providers like networks and Hulu blocked the Google TV devices from streaming their content. After that happened my enthusiasm for the Revue and other Google TV gear waned. I keep hoping that the block will end eventually and we can access all the content again. In the interim, giving me access to lots of apps might help make the Revue more interesting.

Google is working on bringing the Android Market to the Google TV platform. We already knew this from some hints that turned up in the android market for filtering devices based on whether or not they have a touchscreen. Logitech's Ashish Arora, VP and GM for the Logitech Digital Home Group where the Revue lives has noted at a discussion forum that Android apps would be coming to the Google TV platform soon.

Arora didn't give us a firm date for a launch. However, he did note that the ability for Revue and other Google TV devices to access apps on their TV would be coming in the "very short term." Arora also said, "It will happen shortly. It's a given that it will happen this year, 100 percent." The real question is can allowing access to apps on the Google TV platform bring back some of the luster the device had before major content providers blocked it.

[via Android Community]