Google TV Android Market access incoming as touchscreen apps now filtered?

Google appears to be paving the way for the Android Market's debut on Google TV, updating the app store submissions system to advise developers that touchscreen use in their software will now be treated as a "filtering" feature. Developer Al Sutton spotted that android.hardware.touchscreen access in an APK is now flagged up, a differentiator which will likely be used to prevent touch-dependent apps from being offered to Google TV users.

That's important, since touchscreen-dependent apps might not work so well on hardware like Logitech's Revue. The STB comes with a wireless keyboard complete with an integrated trackpad for navigation, which should cater for most apps, but anything more touch complex might not make for an especially usable setup.

Google hasn't confirmed an exact launch date for the Android Market on Google TV, though the features page does suggest it should arrive in early 2011.

[via Android Community]