Logitech Harmony IR Extender System lands for budget price

IR extenders – which can be used to remotely-control A/V components tucked inside closed-up equipment racks or in other rooms – aren't new, but Logitech probably have the brand-name recognition (and bricks-and-mortar shelf space) to soon dominate the market.  The Logitech Harmony IR Extender System works with your existing remotes, and comes with a compact IR receiver and an IR blaster with various tethered mini-blasters.

The idea is you tuck the main blaster into your gear rack and use the mini-blasters to reach any out-of-sight equipment; two mini-blasters are included.  No programming is needed, with the receiver simply guzzling up your remote's signals and funnelling them down to your hidden kit.

Logitech claim the IR receiver has been "tuned" so as to avoid mis-signals from noise, too, which should hopefully stop your Little Mermaid marathon from being interrupted by an inopportune signal.  The Logitech Harmony IR Extender System is on sale now, priced at $59.99.