Logitech Harmony 800 - does it have too many buttons?

Is it just me, or were multi-function remote controls meant to make things easier in your living room?  Designed to let you bin (or at least neatly file away) your existing handful of remotes they began with a sensible number of buttons and, if you had the money for a Pronto, a dinky touchscreen, and now they seem to be studded with row upon row of buttons, four-way pads and multi-page screens.  Take a look at the Logitech Harmony 800, for instance; it took reviewer Kelvin Yong six hours to set up, even with its online database, and even when set up it still has far too many oddly-shaped buttons for my liking.  Still, Kelvin seems to be pleased with it – great first review, bud!

Logitech Harmony 800 Review [Geekzone]