Logitech developing UMD drive add-on for PSP Go?

Today's PSP Go rumor strikes us a little bizarre, but we'll admit that stranger things have happened.  According to a lone source speaking to gaming site CVG, Logitech are apparently developing a UMD drive add-on which could be fitted to the PSP Go, enabling UMD media playback though "it'll make the PSP a little bulky".

Logitech UK claim to have never heard of such a peripheral, but concede that the PSP Go UMD drive "may be something the US office is working on".  Their US counterparts – and indeed Sony – are yet to comment.  No word on pricing or availability from the source, and it seems bizarre that people might pick up the PSP Go and then have second-thoughts about the UMD drive from the full-sized PSP; surely if you had a back catalog of titles you still wanted to be able to play, you'd just buy the PSP-3000?

[via Joystiq]