Logitech AnyAngle hinged cases let users prop up their iPads

Logitech has launched a new case for the iPad mini and iPad Air 2 that in some ways resemble Lenovo's ThinkPad 8 cover, only with one notable exception: a hidden hinge. With this hinge, users can fold the case into different angles for use in a variety of situations, whether propping it up to watch a movie or to use the slate as a recipe book while cooking. The case holds itself steady at whatever angle the user puts it in, something achieved with the use of magnets.

Any angle can be used within a 50-degree range, says Logitech, including folding completely behind the iPad when needed. The cases are offered with a one-year warranty, and will automatically wake and sleep the iPad when opened and closed.

In addition to allowing the user to set their iPad at nearly any angle, the AnyAngle cases double as protective cases against minor troubles like bumps and "weather spills", as well as being scratch resistant.

The AnyAngle cases are now available through Logitech's website, where they can be ordered in one of six color combinations: light and dark purple, green and white, grey and white, green and teal, red and blue, and black and charcoal. The price is set at $59.99 USD/CAD.

SOURCE: Logitech