Logitech Alert 750i & 750e network video security systems revealed [Video]

Logitech has been pushing their webcams' potential for home security for a while now, and with the new Logitech Alert cameras they've now got security-specific models to choose from.  The new Logitech Alert 750i and 750e Master Systems both record and stream 960 x 720 video, and can be motion-triggered as well as monitored via a web interface, smartphone app (for iPhone, BlackBerry or Android) and eventually via Google TV.Video demo after the cut

The Logitech Alert 750i is the internal system, priced at $299.99 for the master kit, and uses HomePlug powerline adapters so you don't need to run cables between your computer and the camera.  The bundled software allows you to section up the camera's view into 16 zones, each of which can be selectively monitored for movement; when sensed, the camera begins recording – with both audio and 15fps video, to both an included 2GB microSD card and to your PC for eventual offsite backup – and can optionally send an alert to you via email.

As for the Logitech Alert 750e, that's $349.99, weatherproof and has IR lights for night vision, handy for keeping an eye on your garden or garage.  Otherwise both systems work the same, and you can optionally add extra cameras to cover more areas; Logitech offer indoor and outdoor models, together with a camera hidden in a desk clock.