Loc8tor Video Review

Ever lost something?  The other year I put down a half-eaten bagel, and now I can't find it.  There is, however, a large amount of rather wretched green mould in my bedroom, so I'm having to sleep in the bathtub.  Anyway, if I'd had one of these clever Loc8tor devices then I guess I would never have lost my midday snack: consisting of an Aliens-style radar tracking device, together with a number of tags that the tracker can home in on, they work from up to 183m/600ft away.The guys at TechDigest have got one in to play with, and made the following one-minute-review:Is it worth $99.99 for the basic pack, or $179.99 for the system with a programmable "alert mode" that sounds should a tag go outside of a certain safe-zone?  Well, that depends on how prone to losing things you are, and how tasty that bagel was.Loc8tor [via Shiny Shiny]