Live from the Samsung Galaxy S4 event in New York City!

Chris Burns - Mar 14, 2013, 5:54pm CDT
Live from the Samsung Galaxy S4 event in New York City!

Today we’re at the big event: Samsung’s own New York unveiling of what we must assume will be none other than the Samsung Galaxy S4! This device has been long awaited – right around one year, if you’ve been waiting since the third-generation device – and is sure to bring a wallop of a game-changer to the smartphone environment. This event starts at 7PM EST sharp – don’t be late – stay tuned to SlashGear for the whole show!

What you’ll see below is a collection of tips and suggestions for what could be the device we’re going to see in the next couple of hours. If predictions are right, this device will take on a look that’s not all that different from the Samsung Galaxy S III, complete with the nature-themed aesthetics and Android-packing software finesse. This smartphone is set to become the new leader for the manufacturer as well.

The Samsung Galaxy S III lead the pack for Samsung last year with the introduction of the hardware theme that’s run strong through the Samsung Galaxy Note device ecosystem ever since. This collection of moves includes a lovely set of smooth angles and colors from white to blue, black, and sometimes red or brown. While the future may hold non-Android software for Samsung – the distant future- we can be sure that we’ll be sticking with Google’s own mobile OS this week as well.

Have a peek at the timeline below to see recent chatter from the technology and gadget universe surrounding the Galaxy S4 and what it could contain. Meanwhile have a peek at the main news feed here on SlashGear for more information as it appears throughout the night – we’re ready to rock and roll!

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