Live From HP's Making Of Elite Tour In Houston, Texas

Your humble narrator is here down on the South side of the United States for the next couple of days as a guest of HP for their Making of Elite Tour 2011. I'll be documenting my experience here in several ways, most of them being hands-on and eyes-on looks at how HP goes about bringing you their "most reliable, toughest and highest quality computers ever built", straight from the HP Houston Campus. Stick with us here on SlashGear for the full experience – for now though, look at this fabulous presentation of information we've got right off the bat!

To give you a bit of a prep for what we're going to be seeing tomorrow and the next day, have yourself a trip on over to or just head to one of our many posts on the line via our [HP Elite portal]. From there you'll see how this line of computers has been running strong for some time now. And what better way to promote their continued dedication to Elitebooks, ELite Tablet PCs, Elite Mobile Workstations, Elite Desktops, Elite Displays, and straight up stuck to the spot hardcore Elite Workstations than to bring us straight to the source!

What we've got thus far are some above-average well designed presentation materials made by someone who must have gone to the Minneapolis College of Art and Design because shoot, that's some nice lookin stuff. The two most impressive items are, of course, the USB stick made out of what I think must be adamantium because it's tough as heck. Then there's the pen inside the package under some, again, well designed one-sheets, whose back end pops off to reveal a USB connection.

Inside we've got essentially the same information we've got in the links you can access in this post, but hey! Now we've got it in a pen!

Looks like nice stuff, eh? Continue to hit our [HP Elite portal] throughout the week for updates!