LIVE Countdown to SpaceX CRS-6 launch and landing mission

Chris Burns - Apr 14, 2015, 12:32pm CDT
LIVE Countdown to SpaceX CRS-6 launch and landing mission

For the third time in so many days, the SpaceX group will be attempting to launch mission CRS-6. This mission will be the first to recapture the section of the rocket normally lost once separated from the payload, thus creating an environment in which space travel – and the delivery of goods and astronauts to the International Space Station – has its costs lessened significantly. Today there is a 60-percent chance of a successful mission launch, while yesterday’s launch was canceled by an anvil cloud.

Below you’ll be able to watch the lead-up events and talks preparing for the CRS-6 launch this afternoon. This same video feed will also cover the launch in its entirety, should it indeed be able to take place.

This afternoon there’s also a chat on NASA’s New Horizons Mission to Pluto. As this article is being published, NASA is speaking on how our approach to Pluto can be a reality in the near future.


As of 12:50 Eastern Time, 1650 GMT, Cape Canaveral’s Complex 40 launch pad housed the Falcon 9 rocket and fueling had begun. Both liquid oxygen and RP-1 fuel will be used in today’s launch. A four-hour span is set between fueling’s start and potential launch.

Launch will begin at approximately 4:15pm EDT.


Just so long as all of the following commit criteria are met. See that anvil cloud? Again, that’s what scrubbed the launch yesterday. Watch out for anvils!

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