Live at Nokia & Microsoft partnership event

Chris Davies - Feb 11, 2011
Live at Nokia & Microsoft partnership event

Nokia’s big news is out of the bag already – Microsoft’s Windows Phone software on Nokia’s hardware – but there’s plenty of detail we still don’t know. SlashGear is live at Nokia’s Capital Markets Day 2011, where CEO Stephen Elop is expected to take the stage with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

What still remains to be seen is how much Nokia can differentiate on Windows Phone 7, when Microsoft has previously insisted that hardware partners toe a narrow line. We also don’t know how much in licensing fees Nokia is paying, or indeed the extent to which the Finnish engineering team will be feeding back into the Microsoft platform.

Some of those questions will be answered today, some won’t become clear until months later into the partnership. We’ll be bringing you all the important details from this morning, so stay tuned.

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