littleBits cloudBit released: connecting all objects to the web, IFTTT included

The device and device collection known as littleBits cloudBit offers to connect every electronic object you own to the web. Better than that, these devices allow you to make things – everything from a Remote Pet Feeder to your own web-controlled camera. These devices are made for the everyday DIY tinkerers amongst us.

Ayah Bdeir, founder and CEO of littleBits, suggests that "With the cloudBit, we're doing for connected devices what Android did for mobile – making an open, accessible and instantaneous platform to enable anyone to prototype, test ideas, and participate in a field that is changing society."

The cloudBit already exists – not it just need to get to you. They're making their first big push with two big elements:

1. RadioShack has been announced as littleBits' first retail partner. This means that beyond anything littleBits is doing online to sell their cloudBit Cloud modules online, RadioShack will be handling sales (for now).

2. littleBits Electronics are now in their own Channel on IFTTT. This means you'll have a single connection to your cloudBit Cloud module, then an unlimited collection actions you can take with IFTTT's connected services – text messaging, Google Drive, Email, Android Wear – and many more.

One great example of a cloudBit in action is in a remote fish feeder. Fish food, screws, and a couple of pieces of plastic are used to create a lever, while a servo and USB power are employed to drop the food.

A cloudBit is used to connect to the web, where IFTTT is set up to serve food to the fish at 9AM ever day. It's all automatic!