Litl Webbook gets video unboxing; prototypes revealed

We're still more than a little bemused by the Litl Webbook; the 12-inch notebook is no mere netbook, Litl insist, but instead offers simplicity of use more akin to a TV than a computer.  However, while we might not be the target audience, even after a video demo it's unclear whether that simplicity is worth the $699 price tag.  Litl have recently posted a video unboxing and hands-on demo with the Webbook.Video unboxing after the cut

In fact, they'd rather you refer to the Webbook as an "internet computer" rather than a laptop.  The inside of the packaging helpfully explains:

"Inside you will find an internet computer, not a laptop. We believe computers have become too complex. We hit the reset button by desiging an experience different than a PC. Simplicity over features. Design over options. Entertainment not just work. Sounds like a lot, but actually it's a litl."

The packaging certainly is well designed and it looks like a more premium experience than we're perhaps used to with netbooks; still, it also carries a far greater price tag than netbooks and, no matter what Litl say about their usability ethos, underneath the hyperbole there's the same Atom CPU you'll find in an ultraportable half the cost.  We'll withhold final judgement until the reviews come in, but Litl have a lot of selling to do if they're to convince people their "experience" is worth the price.

Litl Webbook unboxing:

Litl Webbook evolution & prototypes:

[via GottaBeMobile]