Lionsgate Games formed: time for Twilight

Chris Burns - Apr 30, 2014
Lionsgate Games formed: time for Twilight

If you’re wondering where the Hunger Games video game franchise is – it’s coming. Sooner than later. The folks responsible for holding the keys to the Lionsgate Films collection have formed up to create a video games sector – whether or not they’re planning on bringing developers in-house or out-sourcing their IPs is not yet known for certain.

To head this new endeavor, Lionsgate is pushing Nerdist Industries former CEO Peter Levin forward. Lionsgate Interactive Ventures and Games, as it’ll be called, will have Levin as President. He’ll be reporting directly to CFO Jimmy Barge as well as CEO Jon Feltheimer for digital investments of all kinds.

Noting that “gaming has become one of the most explosive growth areas of the content business” in recent years, Feltheimer made clear that Levin was just the fellow to ear this action. Lionsgate mentioned the following titles specifically in their public statement for this opening:

• The Hunger Games
• Twilight
• Divergent

Supposing you’re all about jumping in on some heavy-hitting action with Sylvester Stallone on your gaming console or your smartphone/tablet and you’re not excited about bringing up the original JUDGE DREDD game, this might be just the route for you. We’re also expecting no less than far-too-many Twilight games to be released in the immediate future.

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