Linux Cellphone partners with Open-Source Developer

Chris Davies - Nov 27, 2006, 5:51 am CST

With the FIC open-source Linux cellphone launching sometime in January 2007, the company has announced its first major software partner in the shape of OpenMoko, whose OpenEmbedded-based platform will be loaded on every Neo1973 sold.  Comprising a library of applications built around a common storage model, OpenMoko will also be compatible with existing open source applications from the OpenZaurus, Familiar Linux, and Ångström projects, as well as FIC-specific software that, having been OpenMoko-certified, can be remotely downloaded, installed and, over the lifespan of the software, updated.

Beyond the basic toolkit of cellular features, OpenMoko has used push-email and PIM synchronisation technology from mobile open source software company Funambol, creating a device environment where automatic updates correct bugs and add new features as they are released.

The Neo1973, the first handset to be released in FIC’s open-source roadmap, will ship with a 2.8-inch VGA touchscreen, quad-band GSM, GPS, GPRS data connectivity, 128mb RAM and 64mb NAND flash memory as well as a microSD slot.  Included software will comprise an application manager to install, remove and update applications, Funambol push email, contacts and calendar synchronisation, and the OpenMoko SDK so that users can develop their own applications.  Prices are yet to be confirmed.

OpenMoko [via Geekzone]

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