Linksys Wireless Home Audio System reviewed: good, but nothing special

Linksys were determined to compare their Wireless Home Audio System to Sonos, rather than Logitech, when we spoke to them at CES, but that hasn't stopped Digital Trends from making just that comparison in their review of the streaming audio system.  The good news is that the setup – which consists of a variety of WiFi-linked standalone boomboxes, HiFi adapters and media servers, together with a large-screen remote – certainly delivers on audio quality.

Unfortunately, Digital Trends don't rate the Linksys design as highly as Sonos' slick implementation – though admittedly that's a matter of taste – and the controller gets a thumbs-down for in-hand feel.  Considering the remote is the part you interact with the most in a system like this, it that could be a problem.

More critically, in that inevitable comparison with the Logitech Squeezebox range, the Linksys products are more expensive.  Indeed they're roughly the same price as the MRSP on a Sonos setup, and if you shop around you can even find the Sonos parts cheaper.  Linksys' Wireless Home products do the job, but there doesn't appear to be anything singling them out above the competition.