Linksys DMA-2200 Media Extender price-crash: $95

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Back when it launched, the Linksys DMA-2200 Wireless Media Extender retailed for a cool $350.  Capable of streaming content from your Windows Media Center in one room, to your big-screen HDTV in another, the DMA-2200 faired reasonably in reviews, hindered by its big sticker price.  Now, though, Newegg are listing the DMA-2200 for just $94.99 with free shipping, at which point it becomes a very tempting offer indeed.

Your $95 gets you dual-band WiFi draft-n, ethernet and HDMI connections, together with component, composite, S-Video, S/PDIF and stereo RCA.  There's also an upscaling DVD player built-in.

You'll need a copy of Windows Media Center in order to use the streaming side of the DMA-2200, but check whatever version of Vista you're running (if, obviously, you're using a PC) and you may be surprised to find it lurking there.  If you've ever tripped and gone flying over a trailing cable hooking up your PC to your TV, this could be the most painless way to avoid ever doing it again.

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