Liked Undo Send? You'll love these Gmail Labs tweaks

Today Gmail's "Undo Send" feature finally comes to the standard version of Gmail. With it, a renewed interest in the labs where it was born. This system is called Gmail Labs – a place where awesome features are thought up and tossed into the fray with wild abandon. Sort of. While there's still some testing that goes on behind the scenes, Google offers up a place where users can test out the oddities before they reach prime-time. There you can play with the toys before the toys come to all the other girls and boys.

1. Send and Archive

A button that allows you to move the message you're replying with and all subsequent messages to a box that's not your inbox. How simple. Like many Gmail Labs features, we're a bit miffed about why this feature isn't active in the general public Gmail for all users.

2. Preview External Services inside Emails

You mean I can see the Google Map without having to leave Gmail to see the map in Google Maps? That's madness! How could such a thing exist without being available to everyone?

It's likely Google hasn't hammered out the bugs included with having content open automatically – or even with one click – in this way. That's how viruses were born, after all.

3. Customized Keyboard Shortcuts

Inside Google you can kick out some custom key combinations without this feature switched on, sure. But with it switched on, you can do all sorts of wild things! Make a key combination make your email do a dance, if you do so wish.

To make these and a wide variety of other features work inside Gmail, you've only to head to Google's Gmail Labs guide and switch on. It's a strange place to be – we recommend it highly.