LightSquared catches a break; Sprint offers extra 30-days to get FCC approval

We have been following LightSquared and its woes getting the FCC approvals it needs for its speedy wireless broadband network. In FCC testing the LightSquared tech was found to disrupt as much as 75% of the GPS devices that are on the market today. LightSquared refuted that and offered to use a lower power mode that would interfere less.

One of the big issues for LightSquared is that without FCC approval, its critical 15-year plan with Sprint for sharing 4G spectrum and equipment is void. Sprint has offered LightSquared a bone with an extension to the deadline for approvals. Sprint has granted LightSquared another 30 days to land the FCC nod.

The original deadline was December 31. The deal with Sprint is critical to LightSquared since it will save LightSquared $13 billion through the end of the decade. LightSquared has a bunch of deals in place already to sell service to retailers like Best buy and Leap Wireless. Not getting approvals for its tech would kill the company before it starts.

[via WSJ]