LightSquared Disrupted 75% Of GPS Devices In Government Tests

We have been hearing about LightSquared for a while now, it's a 4G wireless internet connectivity service that uses spectrum that was previously reserved for use by Satellites. The satellite owners who use that spectrum had complained that the LightSquared service would interfere with their devices and make it difficult for GPS navigation many people rely on today.

According to testing that was conducted on October 31 to November 4 of this year, Lightsquared does cause significant interference with GPS devices. The study was conducted by the US government and determined that millions of GPS units in the field are not compatible with the LightSquared reports Bloomberg News.

The study draft Bloomberg saw noted LightSquared signals caused interference to the majority of GPS receivers tested. LightSquared was hoped to be an answer to providing wireless internet access to rural areas. To help reduce the issues with interference LightSquared is proposing a lower power level that would only affect about 10% of GPS devices out there according to the company. LightSquared and Sharp teamed up in October to develop tablets.

[via Business Week]