LightSquared And Sharp Team Up For Smartphone And Tablet Development

Sharp has some pretty cool smartphones and tablets, sadly most of that stuff never makes it to the US for geeks to try out. LightSquared is a company that is new to the US and is looking to offer a nationwide 4G network at wholesale prices. That means no direct to consumer sales. Perhaps the tie up with Sharp will mean that more of the cool Sharp devices will come stateside.

Sharp is the first maker of devices that LightSquared has chosen to launch a strategic collaboration with. The goal of the agreement is to produce a range of product solutions that take advantage of Sharp hardware like advanced LCD panels and camera modules. The devices will be co-developed and then offered to the LightSquared customers for their networks.

LightSquared will be showing off some of its devices at CTIA Enterprise and Applications conference on October 11-13 in San Diego. The LightSquared 4G network uses LTE technology. I would expect the service offered by LightSpeed to find its way into the offerings of some of the smaller carriers around the country.

[via LightSquared]