Lian Li PC-T1R Spider case gets tested: arachnophobes need not apply

Bizarre PC cases are nothing new, but Lian Li's PC-T1R Spider does manage to look different even in that unusual crowd.  Described as a "test bench" case – that is, one which leaves the components open and accessible for frequent tinkerers – the PC-T1R takes a mini-ITX board and a slimline optical drive, while looking like a spider with half its regular legs.

techPowerUp got their hands on a pre-production version, and they seem impressed.  It's the distinctive looks which swung opinion for the Lian Li; they actually say it's not much of a test bench case, since you need to do some serious cable tying if you want to keep them out of the way, and the whole thing flexes around the multiple joints.

Still, we can see the new Lian Li garnering the same sort of fanbase as flocked to the Antec Skeleton, one of the better known – and similarly eye-catching – test bench cases of late.  Lian Li are yet to announce final pricing, but the PC-T1R Spider is expected to come in at around €150 ($205) and be available in black or red.

[via CaseModBlog]