LG's Optimus 3D successor reported to be called the 3D Max

The Optimus 3D phone didn't gain a huge amount of traction but it did set an important milestone as a flagship glasses-free 3D handset. And LG is poised to push that legacy forward with a phone we knew now only by its code-name, the CX2. Now, according to a new report, it looks like the shelf name might be the 3D Max.

This would make it the first smartphone with the term "3D" at the front of its name. The insider information comes from Israeli website GSM-Israel, which has a solid track record of leaking details that are later proven true. Based on earlier information we've seen, the phone will have a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, a 4.3-inch display, and a built-in 3D camera for still shots and video.

Of course, the tough part of selling a 3D phone right now is the lack of content. Sprint put out an aggressive campaign for its Evo 3D device that encouraged users to create their own content with the built-in 3D camera. Third-party app makers have been less enthusiastic, but perhaps at next month's Mobile World Congress, where the 3D Max is expected to be fully unveiled, we'll see advancements in this area.

[via Pocket Now]