LG Xnote P210 Notebook Unveiled

Evan Selleck - Dec 28, 2010, 12:53 pm CST
LG Xnote P210 Notebook Unveiled

The old saying, “Go big or go home,” may have applied to LG’s recently unveiled 72-inch LED-backlit 3D TV the company plans on showing off at CES 2011, but for the brand new LG Xnote P210 notebook, it certainly doesn’t. The new notebook, which features a ridiculously small form factor, manages to pack plenty of tech inside the body, even if it manages to slim down its figure. Rumros have it that the device will be shown off at CES 2011, but details are scarce on that bit.

As for the notebook itself, it features a 12.5-inch display, which LG is proud to say features the thinnest bezel out there. The entire package measures in at only 299 x 192 x 20.9mm, and it weighs in at only 1.3kg. On the inside, you’ll find an Intel core i5-470UM processor, Windows 7 Home Premium x64, a 320GB hard drive, and 4GB of RAM. Pricing and a release date are still missing, but we’re hoping that LG is a bit more forthcoming on their information regarding the little Xnote when they show it off at CES 2011.

[via Pocket-Lint]

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