LG XBoom Speakers get powerful and tiny

Chris Burns - Jan 4, 2019, 2:07pm CST
LG XBoom Speakers get powerful and tiny

At CES 2019 we’ll be seeing our fair share of speakers – but likely none so extravagant as these from LG. These are the latest LG XBOOM speakers and speaker systems, ready to roll for the first quarter of 2019. Included in the mix are a high-end LG XBoom OL100 single speaker and all-in-one as well as the LG XBoom CL98 mini system – so tiny!

“LG will continue to expand its XBoom lineup to provide powerful sound that helps users create an enjoyable atmosphere, whatever the occasion,” said the LG audio and video business head Kim Dae-chul. It should come as no surprise that LG’s bringing the big boss speakers to CES, the biggest electronics show of the year – as they’ve done so in years past.

In the bunch on the wireless side are a whole load of XBoom GO Bluetooth speakers. Those are the PK3, PK5, and PK7 models. Also on the mobile side is the Google Assistant-toting WK9 and the WK7. Despite their extremely non-telling names, they offer a range of abilities and price points you’ll find interesting when the time comes for choosing your poison.

OF NOTE: These Bluetooth speakers work with aptX HD compression format capabilities – which means they’re essentially lossless. That’s about as good as it gets when it comes to Bluetooth audio.

The CL98 is the tiny wonder of the set – what with its short stature and its ability to blast audio at 3,500W. There’s a compression horn under the hood as well, making certain that any level of audio delivers clear tones of all sorts.

We’ll see the whole collection at CES 2019 starting this weekend! Stick around SlashGear for more gadgets, gizmos, and brand new technological bits than you can handle!

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