LG X110 netbook unboxed, benchmarked, opened-up; Updated with Video

You've seen it live and bare, now see the LG X110 netbook stripped from its packaging and paraded.  UMPC Fever have unboxed the 10.1-inch budget ultraportable and not stopped when they got to the plastic; they've also cracked the X110 open to scope out possible upgrade points. Update: Check out the video unboxing after the cut

The particular X110 they're looking at lacks the HSDPA module, in fact you can see where the SIM holder should be soldered on in the top right-hand corner (just under the SIM logo etched into the battery recess.  There are also some CrystalMark scores, with the LG X110 scoring 19,765 overall; that's enough for the netbook to play back 720p high-definition video, with juddering only observed when multiple apps were running simultaneously.

Overall, they seem impressed.  The screen shows good contrast and the LED backlighting is consistent and bright.  No word on how the keyboard performs as yet, an aspect which has become something of a deciding factor between netbooks recently.

Update: EeePCNews video unboxing: