LG Wing with rotating second display leaked to show its usefulness

There has been quite a number of takes on the size problems of screens, from foldables like the Galaxy Z Flip 2 and Motorola Razr to dual screens like the Surface Duo. Leave it to LG, however, to come up with something so far ahead of its time that it sounds almost ridiculous. That is the likely fate that the LG Wing will meet in about two months, even when its practical utility is demonstrated by this leaked hands-on video.

The LG Wing, which was first leaked just a few months ago, gives a literally new spin to the second screen problem. Instead of a large, permanently attached extension or a case you will have to remove and put on, the device has a second screen that's only half the size of the primary display and swings out from under it. This creates a T-shaped device with two connected yet still independent screens.

Android Authority got hold of a video that shows this arrangement in action, with the main screen showing a navigation app while the second screen display music controls. This setup lets the driver receive and display a call on the secondary display without disrupting the navigation app.

As useful as this type of multi-tasking may sound, it still raises the question of app support. LG is no stranger to second screens but the third-party app support for its Dual Screen accessory hasn't improved since it debuted last year. LG could use Android 10's continuity feature, designed primarily for the Galaxy Fold's two screens, but that's still a different use case.

Other than its screen, a lot of things about the LG Wing remains shrouded in mystery. It is expected to run on a Snapdragon 765 or 765G, which should help offset the costs of a second screen and may debut no sooner than October.