LG webOS TVs, HD, OLED pricing and release details shared at CES 2014

Chris Burns - Jan 6, 2014, 11:00 am CST
LG webOS TVs, HD, OLED pricing and release details shared at CES 2014

In a press conference for the full LG spread of devices this week at CES 2014, the company made clear their intentions on pushing the full range throughout the year. They’ve brought on the formerly HP-owned webOS system for a variety of televisions, and they’re pushing Gallery OLED TV, curved model Ultra HD machines, and a variety of smart sets throughout the course of this event and to the market later this year.

You’ll find the first of these appearing at $70k, that’s a massive amount of cash for a machine that’s essentially unique. The LG 105-inch (or 104-inch, however you measure it) curved LCD works with a gigantic 5,120 x 2,160 pixel resolution and sets the stage for the slightly smaller Ultra HD 77-inch curved set. This slightly smaller set works with a market price of $29,999 USD and will be appearing in the second quarter of 2014. There’s a 55-inch EA8800 set coming with flat-screen OLED technology for a cool $8,999 USD as well, appearing with webOS right out the box.

In webOS, LG has decided that they’re “Making TV Simple Again”, and doing so with a rather eye-catching set of visuals along the way. Using sharp angles and a forward-leaning set of panels for selecting media, LG has successfully taken the mobile-based OS and reconfigured it for the television universe. We’ll be having a closer look at this system throughout the week without a doubt.

UPDATE: For those of you aiming for the most massive television in this set of releases, you’ll want to know it’s release date, of course. Unfortunately LG does not have a solid release date yet, as such. Stick around in our CES 2014 tag portal as we continue to dive in!

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