LG Watch Urbane brings metal luxury to Android Wear

JC Torres - Feb 15, 2015, 11:15 pm CDT
LG Watch Urbane brings metal luxury to Android Wear

Third time’s a charm, they say. First there was the G Watch, which was an Android Wear pioneer that was both smart yet plain looking. This was followed by the G Watch R, which tried to add a bit of sophistication with its round face but failed with its bulk. Now LG is trying again with a slightly different name and a slightly different aesthetic but with the same circular body. The LG Watch Urbane is designed to appeal to fashion, both male and female, and it’s coming in time for MWC 2015.

LG paints the difference between the G Watch R and the Watch Urbane as the difference between sports and fashion. Although it didn’t exactly poise the G Watch R as such, the Android Wear device’s size, especially compared to the sleeker Moto 360, gave off a more sporty look that seemed to cater more to men than a universal smartwatch.

With the Watch Urbane, LG is trying to correct the misconception that smartwatches are just a guy thing. It has considerably reduced the bezel to give it a thinner profile that would better match the formal wear of both men and women. The stainless steel body, in gold and silver polish, and the stitched natural leather strap accents the smartwatch’s luxurious character.


In all other aspects, the Watch Urbane is quite similar to the G Watch R. It enjoys the same cicular P-OLED display, in 1.3 inches and 320×320 resolution, that LG has been singing about. Also included is the PPG sensor that lets users monitor their heartrate with ease. If leather isn’t your thing, you can swap out the strap with any 22mm strap of your choosing. And, of course, it carries Android Wear inside, making it compatible with any smartphone running Android 4.3 or later.

If that has gotten you drooling, unfortunately you will have to wait a bit more for details, as LG isn’t spilling anything yet regarding pricing and availability. Expect to hear more, however, at MWC 2015 next month, where the LG Watch Urbane will likely be the star of LG’s booth in the absence of an LG G4.


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