LG V5 leak hints at an odd V-series mid-range phone

Both the LG V20 and its predecessor, the V10, were known for quite a few things. They were premium handsets that focused on camera prowess and flaunted a small second screen strip. In typical LG fashion, however, it seems that the company wants to capitalize on its newly successful V brand. Unsurprisingly, there are rumors of a certain LG V5 that might be unveiled soon. Unlike what it does with the "G" series, however, it's harder to discern where this V model will fall in the grand scheme of things.

Almost every year, LG would launch "spin offs" of its G flagship, which really had nothing similar to that year's champion except in name, and sometimes in design as well. So it's not exactly out of character to see LG doing the same for the V line. But unlike those mid-range G models, guessing this V5's distinguishing traits needs a lot more crystal balls it seems.

It seems to have nothing in common with the V20 in terms of design, being made of plastic and not even having a USB-C port. The back plate is supposedly removable though, as is the battery presumably. There does seem to be a fingerprint scanner on the back, which would be a first for an LG mid-tier smartphone. The camera lens does seem quite large, though that doesn't really equate to a good camera.

On the front is what is said to be a 5.3-inch display. No word on the resolution or if there's even a second screen, the latter being one of the key features of the V10 and V20. Chances are, there won't be, given the position of the front camera.

That does give us very little to go on about the LG V5, other than it might exist. It might not even be called that, as the LG LV1 and LG LV5 are being thrown around as possible monikers as well. If so, LG could be creating yet another mid-range, or maybe even lower, brand to add to its K and X series.

VIA: MySmartPrice