LG V20 pre-orders begin on AT&T, coming to T-Mobile later this month

Google's Pixel smartphone may have the grabbed the spotlight, but the LG isn't going to let you forget about the still first smartphone to launch with Android Nougat. At least out of the box and only up to version 7.0. Yes, the LG V20 is still in the game and it will soon arrive in the US. In fact, carriers AT&T and T-Mobile have started the pre-order stage for the smartphone, with a schedule shipping date set before the month ends.

If you're in the market for a new Android Nougat smartphone but have been, for one reason or another, dismayed by the Google Pixel, then the LG V20 might be up your alley. Not that there are any other "out of the box" Android Nougat smartphones around anyway. What the V20 lacks in features like Google Assistant and unlimited Photos and Videos cloud storage, it definitely makes up for with its camera and audio.

Check out our first look at the LG V20 to see, and hear, how impressive LG's promise is.

The LG V20's 32-bit Quad DAC and Bang & Olufsen tuned audio, however, really only work with a compatible speaker or headset. For that purpose, LG has opted to ship a matching B&O BeoPlay H3 headphones, though its availability still depends from country to country. Fortunately for T-Mobile customers, the carrier has decided to include that with early bird pre-orders of the LG V20, a savings of $149. The carrier, however, doesn't say how much you'll be paying for the smartphone.

AT&T, on the other hand, isn't so mum about the figures. Subscribers can get the LG V20 at 27.67 per month for 30 months under AT&T Next or $34.59 monthly payments for 24 months under AT&T Next Ever Year. That effectively puts an $830 price tag on the LG V20, and that doesn't even include the Bang & Olufsen headphones. To make up for it, AT&T is offering up to $695 monthly credits for DIRECTV and Uverse TV customers who get a new line. Those buying the smartphone on AT&T Next can also get the LG G Pad X 10.1 for $0.99 a month with a two-year contract.

Pre-orders for the LG V20 on AT&T start 7th October, though the carrier hasn't exactly revealed when it will start to ship. On the other hand, T-Mobile's doors are still closed but says that the smartphone will arrive October 28th, so we'll have to read between the lines for now.