LG to demo Wireless Ultra HD Transmission tech at Mobile World Congress

LG is set to demonstrate its Wireless Ultra High Definition Transmission technology at Mobile World Congress 2013 for the first time ever. With this technology, users will be able to wirelessly display the content from their smartphone, such as a game, to an Ultra HD television. According to the announcement, this transfer method is smoother and faster previous offerings.

The Wireless Ultra HD Transmission technology works by compressing video for optimized wireless transfer to a corresponding Ultra HD TV, with LG promising very little data loss and lag between the two devices. In order to avoid wonky graphics, the video that is being transferred from the mobile device is automatically set to match the TV's resolution.

LG's President and CEO Jong-seok Park had this to say: "Thanks to our innovative Wireless Ultra HD Transmission technology, users can now enjoy their favorite mobile content on today's most advanced Ultra HD TVs. With the development of this cutting-edge technology, LG again confirms its industry leadership in the area of display and mobile convergence for a truly enjoyable viewing experience."

In addition, the technology is reported as using up less than 50-percent of the power used by competing technologies. Because of this, the transfer process is easier on the smartphone's processor and associated hardware. Those who attend MWC 2013 will be able to check out this process is action at LG's booth in Hall #3.

[via LG Newsroom]