LG Software Upgrade division promises faster Android updates

LG Electronics has announced the launch of its new South Korea-based Software Upgrade Center, a division that aims to increase the rate of software updates for the company's smartphone customers. This is the company's first facility designed to improve the worldwide rollouts of smartphone OS and software updates. The division's team will also be tasked with testing the software and its compatibility with LG's hardware.READ: LG needs more than fast software updates

LG started operations in the facility early this morning, making today its first day of service. One of the first priorities on the team's agenda is the rollout of Android Oreo to the maker's LG G6 and newer smartphones. That rollout will start first for customers located in South Korea, then expand into other "key markets" later on.

LG Electronics' new CEO Jo Seong-jin said in a statement, "Aligning after-sales support with customers' needs is a top priority at LG. Stable and consistent upgrades will demonstrate to our customers that LG smartphones have long and reliable lifespans."

The company has faced ample customer criticism over its slow software updates, an issue that only serves to frustrate users and make Samsung a more attractive alternative, though it's not without its own issues. On top of that, many users report instability issues etching away at whatever appeal the company still holds.

It's no surprise that LG is emphasizing software testing and compatibility alongside faster updates with its new division. Still, many competing products, including the latest Galaxy phones, have already received the Oreo update. Whether the new Software Upgrade Center will prove adequate enough to retain Android customers is yet to be seen.