LG sells 10 million LTE smartphones worldwide

Brian Sin - Mar 3, 2013
LG sells 10 million LTE smartphones worldwide

LG Electronics has announced that it has just reached another milestone by selling over 10 million of its LTE smartphones. This comes about 6 months after the company reached its first milestone of 5 million LTE smartphones sold. LG says that by including 4G LTE technology in its handsets, they are appealing to the growing needs of consumers who want devices capable of the fastest network speeds.

After reaching this milestone, LG is already gearing up for its next milestone. The company wants to double its LTE smartphones market share in 2013, and it expects to triple the sales of its LTE handsets this year. LG Mobile’s president and CEO, Jong-seok Park, stated, “Having established ourselves as a major industry player, we will continue to expand our footprint in the global LTE market with a wider range of differentiated, high quality LTE smartphones.”

LG attributes its success to a variety of factors, including launching its LTE devices globally, its early entry into the LTE markets, and its rollout of the LG Optimus G handsets. LG also stated that according to Strategy Analytics, global shipments of LTE handsets will reach 275 million, and LG hopes that it will be a major player in that figure. Alongside LG, Strategy Analytics attributes the upcoming boom of LTE handsets to Apple and Samsung as well.

LG doubling its sales of its LTE handsets this year doesn’t seem too far off. LG plans on releasing the LG Optimus G Pro sometime in Q2, and it has announced its LG Optimus F-series, which is a series of handsets capable of 4G LTE, but at a more affordable price point. All of these phones were announced at the Mobile World Congress this past week and are set to appeal to all types of consumers, from those seeking lower-end handsets to those seeking only the best handsets available.

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