LG RoboKing and Neato XV-11 robo-vacuums take on Roomba

It's obviously the day for robotic vacuum cleaners, because along come two new models hoping to suck the crown from the Roomba's head.  On the left is the LG RoboKing while on the right is the Neato XV-11; both promise better navigation technology, with the RoboKing packing twin cameras to map out the area, while the XV-11 uses 360-degree laser mapping to build up a picture of what's surrounding it.

The Neato can "see" up to 4m around itself, while the RoboKing uses its cameras to gauge whether it can shuffle underneath objects or if it needs to go around them.  LG have also worked hard to bring the noise down: it puts out just 50dB.

LG reckon the RoboKing is 30-percent faster than its predecessor, while Neato aren't quoting speed but do reckon their "true vacuum" system will – over time – leave your carpets cleaner than if you pushed a vacuum over them yourself.  The Neato XV-11 will go on sale in February 2010, priced at $399, while the LG RoboKing hasn't yet been priced.

[via UberGizmo and via Akihabara News]