LG Optimus G: True HD IPS+ Display, S4 Pro and super-strength battery

LG's next flagship smartphone will have a True HD IPS+ Display matching the iPhone 4S' Retina Display, the company has teased, along with a high-speed Snapdragon S4 Pro processor. The officially unnamed handset, due for reveal imminently and codenamed the LG Optimus G, will turn to the company's screen-centric branch for its visual prowess, with LG Display's newest 1280 x 768 Stripe RGB IPS panel promising both extreme brightness and reduced power consumption against the AMOLEDs favored by arch-rival Samsung.

In fact, LG claims, its True HD IPS+ Displays use 70-percent less power than when showing an all-white background, something which taxes AMOLED. LG reckons the panel also bypasses screen burn-in, unlike AMOLED, while still hitting 470 nits of brightness.

That high-tech screen is paired with a new style of touch layer, too, with LG working with LG Innotek to create the G2 Touch Hybrid Display that bonds glass and LCD. Thickness is down 30-percent compared to previous-gen screens, and graphics themselves appear to float right under the fingertip.

LG had already confirmed that its new device would debut Qualcomm's upcoming S4 Pro Snapdragon chipset, the APQ8064. Having benchmarked the processor ourselves, we know that's going to make the LG one very quick phone.

It'll be matched with a battery that LG insists will hold up to the usability challenge, too. The company's LG Chem arm has come up with "high-density technology" which runs 60-percent more efficiently than rival batteries while extending recharge cycles from the typical 500 to 800.

We're expecting to see more on the new LG in the coming weeks.